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About Us

Mike Bachkosky I assure you that the flies provided here are designed to be effective and durable. My flies are tied using feathers from Whiting Farms, dubbing from Mad River and both Temco,Mustad and Daiichi hooks. Wet flies and nymphs incorporate natural gamebird feathers and the softest of hen necks to incorporate movement onto these patterns.
Since I am the one doing the tying, you can call me for custom work and specifications if so desired. I began tying in 1974, have been selling flies since 1978, and have been a full-time, professional tyer since 1993. I began flyfishing in 1964, and have fished extensively across Pennsylvania and New York, with the Delaware River as my primary focus. Living on the Delaware has allowed me to obeserve its hatches closely, developing new patterns and tweaking standards to increase effectiveness on this river and the streams that form its watershed. I have also fished striped bass in Long Island and bonefish in the Caribbean.

Feel free to consult the Stream Conditions section of the website, or contact me via email or phone if that is your preference. I look forward to filling your order, and thank you for considering Rainbow's End Flies.

    Good Fishing,
      Mike Bachkosky