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Stream Update

Today's Date:   April 30, 2015 Today's Water Temp. Callicoon:   51.4°

October Morning
October Morning
Welcome to the Stream Update page for The Rainbow's End Flies website. We're ready for the hatches to begin on the Delaware system and streams throughout the entire region. It is now time to consider what you'll need for the 2015 season.

Stream conditions in the area are as follows: East Branch at Downsville: 51cfs; East Branch at Harvard: 140cfs/40.3: Beaverkill at Cooks Falls 519cfs; East Branch at Fish's Eddy: 948cfs/49.6; West Branch at Stilesville: 205cfs/ 40.5; West Branch at Hale Eddy 377cfs/48; Main Stem at Lordville 1830/52.2; Main Stem of Delaware at Callicoon 2230cfs/51.4. Reservoir levels as of 4/29 are: Cannonsville 100.6%; Pepacton 96.3%.

A lot of boats are floating past my house right now. Since there is little water in the branches, thatr probably accounts for the traffic. I'm seeing a lot of bored people, as to date, there has been little bug activity. Water temps and flows are perfect and with the predicted warm weather this week, there should be good hatch activity this week.

Baseball is alive and well in NY. Both the Yanks and Mets, yes the Mets, are in firsat place. Did I mention that it's April?