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Brown Drake Parachute
Brown Drake Parachute
"Mike's professionally tied patterns are not only innovative but also practical,durable and appropriately priced."    -Bill Jones

"I trust Mike to give me good advice on conditions and hatches. His flies are the best. Not only do they catch fish, the same fly lasts to catch many fish."
-Tom Egan
"Knowledgable Catskill anglers say fishing rivers like the Beaverkill or the Willowemac is checkers, while fishing the Delaware is chess. A lifetime of observing, and then catching, the demanding trout of the Delaware River have refined Mike's flies to the level of lethal. When the fish give their opinions, Mike's flies are on top."
-Bob Lindquist Fly Tyer/Flyfishing Writer
"(Mike's) choices of materials, color and style are ideal for what is really happening in the Delaware watershed, as well as the many streams in and around the Pocono area. His patterns consistently draw strikes!"
-John Skerchock
Many thanks for the Hendrickson emerger you gave me when tying at the (Catskill Flyfishing) Center. THEY WORK! A few duns on the water but no rises. I put your "HE" on, drifted, held, one retrieve and "Bingo"! 16" brown- I repeated the drill and ended up with five nice fish. Great Fly!
-Jim Krul Catskill Flyfishing Center
"As a guide the toughest thing to find are flies that catch fish and not fishermen like many of the generic flies found in most fly shops. When I have a pattern that is working for me and I need it copied the way I want it tied, and more importantly, the way the fish want it Mike is the guy I take it to. The flies in my box are what earn my living for me and I feel confident that when they are tied by Mike they will catch fish.
-Matt Sheridan Delaware River Guide
Thanks for sharing this pattern in the Fly Fishing Guide. I have used this to great effect on the Gunpowder River in MD and most recently on Big Fishing creek in Lamar, PA. This is a VERY effective pattern!!!
-Matt Leininger